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Why Citi Club?

We constantly encourage our employees to do “Jobs Never Done Before”. At Citi Club, employees are inspired to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit. We provide opportunities for professionals to become successful risk-taking entrepreneurs. Their skills are honored to drive future business opportunities and to help them step into leadership roles within the organisations. 

Awards & Recognition

Since its inception, Citi Club has achieved laurels for its path breaking work and contribution to Hospitality and Service Industry.

Work Benefits

At Citi Club, employees are the most vital asset and are valued at all times. Deserving employees receive recognitions and are rewarded for their continued hard work.


Starting Your Career?

At Citi Club, we Offer a world of opportunities to young professionals looking to embark on a successful career.

We welcome fresher’s/experienced professionals to kick off their career on various fronts such as banquet managers, front office managers, accountants, stewards, or sports coaches (for Citi Club Football Arena).

Contact Us

You can visit us with your resume at the campus for an interview or drop us a mail on or you can drop your resume in the query box at our home page.